THE 3 P’s:

Placement & People

You get the product and placement right, we’ll get your people right!


Customer Focused

Our goal is to provide an exceptional customer experience. Not just setting the standards, but helping your stores exceed them.

Team Oriented

Skill training alone is not enough. Success lies in teaching your team to think with the mind of the the brand.

Results Driven

Everyone at Retail 101 is a successful retailer and we understand the challenges you face. That gives us credibility with your team, and credibility drives results.


We Customize

Your brand is unique, and that requires a program customized to your needs. We draw upon our deep luxury retail experience, but tailor for a perfect fit.

We Follow Up

Relationship development is the core of our philosophy. Not only in our training programs, but in our interactions with clients. We provide ongoing support, mentoring and coaching as an outsourced internal resource.



Customer Experience

Sales & Relationship Development

Leadership & Coaching

CRM Implementation & Business Development



Retail 101 International

24 East 93rd Street, Suite 1A
New York, NY 10128
917 841 3134

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